My “Multiples” are diaries of sorts, exploring a span of time, a place, a text,  an event. Viewers create their own narrative, exploring each element separately or searching for connections that will determine a unique narrative. 

Jugurtha Installation

Jugurtha  Wood, paper, mixed media, pencil    82 cubes, each  3 X 1.75”  2003

“Jugurtha” was inspired by a poem  written in Latin in 1869 by 14 year old French poet Arthur Rimbaudin. In his poem, Rimbaud  disparages the French invasion and occupation of Algeria by comparing the Emir Abdelkader, who resisted the French invasion in the 19th century, to Jugurtha, king of Numidia in 111-106 B.C.  "Jugurtha"  was created during the 2003 Irak invasion.  

Cariatide de papier   Watercolor on paper, linen tape  102" x 24"   2011-2012 

In Ancient Greece, a caryatid was a large stone female figure that supported an architectural mass, the entablature of a temple. This “Paper Caryatid”  is a reflection on lightness and gravity and the source of strength during difficult times.

Geographies   Acrylic, pigment, soil  34"x 80"    1993

"Geo-graphies" was created while living in various locations in Tunisia and Switzerland over the span of a year. Various soils were collected and incorporated into 15 suitcase size paintings.